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The Orchestra

“This orchestra is ... beyond brilliant”
Just one of the reviews of our recent concerts. Here are some more: -

  • The orchestra was superb, the conductor showed such sensitivity to all pieces and created a dynamic, and very musical journey for the audience to share - the soloist was quite breathtaking with the slow movement being one of the most affecting interpretations I have heard. An incredible achievement for all concerned & ultimately professional and memorable.
  • A stunning concert of sheer brilliance. The orchestra has been raised to the next level. Huge congratulations to everyone.
  • A really uplifting evening. So much energy and beautiful music. Thank you.
  • The orchestra sounded incredible last night - very moving. The strings in the 3rd mvt of the Mahler were exquisite and Rob did a brilliant job. Everyone should feel very proud.
  • Great orchestra and really enthusiastic pre-concert talk.
  • Even though Bizet and Berlioz are not really my cup of tea, I absolutely loved the Ravel and still thought that it was an excellent evening.
  • You get used to a great programme well performed with the Metropolitan, this was fabulous even by their high standards.
  • Fantastique was simply fantastic. I so wish I had been taken to experience it as a child; I would have fallen in love with classical music immediately.

To give some idea of the diversity of the repertoire of works, the Orchestra has more recently performed, with excellent reviews: –

  • Brahms: Symphony No 2 (November 2018 at St George's Bristol);
  • Dvoƙák: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" (June 2018 at St George's Bristol);
  • Rimsky-Korsakov: Symphony No 1 (March 2018 at St George's Bristol);
  • Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (November 2017 at St George's Bristol);
  • Rachmaninov: Symphony No 2 (November 2017 at St George's Bristol).

The Orchestra