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Concert: Sun 27 Nov 2022

Venue:St George's Bristol
Conductors:Tim Harrison
Soloist:You-Chiung Lin (Piano)
Start time:19:00


Helena Munktell: Brannigar
Greig: Piano Concerto
Järnefelt: Berceuse in G minor
Sibelius: Symphony No 3

Scenes from Scandinavia 

The vast dramatic landscape of Scandinavia permeates our Autumn concert, whether intentionally programmatical or innately intuitive of the composers' styles. The two great representatives of their nations, Norway and Finland, are Grieg and Sibelius. 

However, our first half begins with the great Swedish composer, Helena Munktell, who in Bränningar, takes us on a journey through breaking waves into stormy seas. Her lyrical melodies and intense textures capture the passion of Romantic Scandanavian music perfectly. Following this, we are excited to welcome You-Chiung Lin to join us for Grieg's well-known masterpiece, his vivacious Piano Concerto. 

In our second half, we move to snowy Finland and hear a chorale based on a solemn folk song from Armas Järnefelt (Sibelius' brother-in-law). This is followed by a pastoral and chamber-like symphony, Sibelius 3, with flowing energy and intimate beauty. It may be unfamiliar, but it harks back to earlier styles of music. We hope that, despite its unfamiliarity, you can recognise the Finnish landscape and pastoral qualities of the music and enjoy its traditional melodies.